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August 5, 2006

Lindsay Unloads in a Letter

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Lindsay Lohan is mad as hell and she’s not going to take it anymore.

To finish off a fortnight in which she was treated at a hospital for dehydration, publicly lambasted by a studio honcho and subpoenaed to testify inll a lawsuit against her mother, the 20-year-old actress ended up feeling shaken, not stirred, by a run-in with the paparazzi Thursday at L.A.’s signature celebrity watering hole, The Ivy.

While the details of what went down are sketchy, Lohan decided it was time to do a little sounding off of her own.

In an email to celebrity gossipmonger Perez Hilton, Lohan said that she “almost witnessed 3 kids being hit by paparazzi?Never in my life had an experience as I just did with the paparazzi. I am not kidding. I am shaking, cannot breathe a bit, scared, anxious and sad.”

(A witness who lunched near Lohan that day said that what she saw/heard was a photog warning a few young girls to back away because there was bound to be craziness when Lohan left the restaurant.)

According to Hilton, the letter posted Thursday on PerezHilton.com is “definitely her.” Lohan’s rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnick, couldn’t be reached for comment.

“When I got it I was really concerned,” Hilton, who says that he and Lohan correspond often by email, told E! Online. “I thought, ‘not another car accident, that’s the last thing she needs right now.’ ”

Hilton said that he contacted Lohan’s assistant, who assured him that the Just My Luck star’s letter was in reference to a particularly “bad paparazzi day.”

“This really was her way of speaking out about everything that’s happened in the last two weeks,” Hilton said. “She hasn’t gone on the record before yesterday about everything that’s been going on.”

Instead, Lohan’s mother, Dina, spoke up on her little girl’s behalf, saying that the letter that Morgan Creek Productions CEO James G. Robinson sent to Lohan taking her to task for her supposedly questionable work ethic was “way out of line.”

Robinson had blamed Lohan’s incessant partying for her frequent lateness and absences from the set of her latest movie, Georgia Rule.

Despite Thursday being what Lohan deemed her “day off,” she decided the time was right to offer her own take on recent events.

It’s “disgusting what these g-d damn people are doing to me,” she wrote to Hilton. “As well as the people in my life that I work with/for. It’s vulgar and I’m saddened for myself. And, ANY of those willing to fall into judging me in any way in the future or past, can watch the video tapes that these men/women take of me while they are being invasive towards my DAY off?Which I never have anymore.”

And, in a shout-out to Robinson and company:

“Send that to Morgan Creek.”

Which presumably means that she hasn’t had time to partake in the “ongoing all night heavy partying” that Robinson accused her of. (Or it means she hasn’t had enough time to party because of her heavy work schedule.)

But as for the Thursday incident with the paparazzi that left Lohan feeling quite sorry for herself, Hilton said that it was understandable why the Mean Girls star finally got fed up.

“The thing about Lindsay is, she plays along,” Hilton said. “She’ll give the photographers a shot but there comes a point where even she can acknowledge that it’s too much. She’s trying to send a message that they should either step back, or she’s going to take steps to make it more difficult.”


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