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August 7, 2006

Penelope Cruz Praises Scientology

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pctcscienceActress Penelope Cruz has praised Scientology for all of its work with recovering addicts.

Cruz dated Scientology enthusiast Tom Cruise for over two years and feels the religion has a lot to offer.

Scientology founded Narconon, an in-patient rehabilitation programme for drug abusers based on a doctrine by Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard.

Cruz said: “I have read a lot of books about it and some of those things I have studied have helped me with things in my life. I would feel bad with myself if I didn’t say that I was grateful to it because of what I learned about it.

“A lot of my friends have been helped by their programme – they have the most successful anti-drug problem in the world and they deserve a lot of credit for it.

“They have places everywhere. It is amazing because it is about helping the person find the reason why they started in the beginning instead of creating guilt.”

Maybe Mel Gibson should spend a bit more time at the Church of Scientology?



  1. I totally agree with Penelope. All religions should be respected and Scientology is a good religion. Please stop attacking Tom Cruise for stupid reasons. Nobody speaks about the truth behind it all. I will tell it to you.

    Around the globe we like Tom Cruise and we love the way he declared his love for Katie at Oprah -that was entertainment at its best- and we admire him for doing something to warn people about the dangers of psychiatric drugs. He could just have sat back and enjoyed his fortune but he is concerned about one of the greatest catastrophies in history and tried to do something about it risking it all. Psychs are drugging millions of american children at schools for made up reasons. This is huge!!! Here in Europe we can’t believe americans are so blind. It’s unbelieveable. You keep attacking the man when he is just a good man!!!
    After his exposure of the psych drug fraud last year, the sales of psych anti depressants fell a 20% and they -the psychs- have not forgiven him. They have been running this evil black propaganda campaign for more than a year now. They can sure control the media pouring lies non stop and fool many americans but they won’t fool the whole planet. No matter what they do against him, we have eyes and we like Tom. He is a fighter and he will continue being extremely successful.

    Comment by Joxe — August 31, 2006 @ 6:06 am |Reply

  2. AMERICA UNDER ATTACK Tuesday, February 6, 2007 SCIENTOLOGY IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION WORKING WITH MEXICO TO OVERTHROW AMERICA (People who figure this out are murdered. I was lucky enough to have a friend that saved my life. I want to make it clear that I am not, nor have I ever been a scientologist. Many Anti-scientology sites are run by supposed former members. There are no former members, only varying degrees of manipulation,mind-control and life interference. Scientology is not a club. It’s members are its victims. These people are positioned to intercept criticism and entirely factual horror stories that come from people like me. I was attacked for criticizing the church and for offending a large community of illegal Mexican immigrants who are housed employed, and used by them for various means. I was also in the process of writing a screenplay about a character based on a well known Scientologist Celebrity. My friend was going to star in the film and someone I went to school with was going to shoot and direct. One small scene I completed just before all hell broke loose involved my Character Paul Roam defending his involvement with a cult by stating angrily and sarcastically all the things that I suspected scientology had done to Tom Cruise. It turned out that what I wrote was more or less exactly what they do. The fact that our Government allows them to operate is troubling to say the least.) * I update these postings on a regular basis. Pertinent information is scattered throughout. Some of it is about my ordeal in 2005 and the rest is about what I know because of my ordeal in 2005 and what I’ve figured out since it happened. Everything I write concerning my ordeal is true, I HAVE A CHIP INSIDE OF ME! This chip is how Scientology makes its victims think that they’re hearing “Thetans”. This is not fiction.* a thetan is some of hubbard’s dogshit. It’s the soul of a dead alien inside a human body. Scientologists don’t even understand that he’s dead. Pretty sure he was murdered. Someone oughtta tell Cruise about the powerful anti-psychotic medication found in his system. Scientology is not just a goofy space religion founded by an impotent failed Sci-fi writer. It is a Para-military organization that is more dangerous and more malicious than the Mafia.(Helicopters and Technological warfare must be supplied by the Mexican army. I mention the prescence of scientology and the Mexican Army on American soil during the katrina relief effort in another posting. This situation was engineered to make Mexicans and Scientologists look like heros.) The only people who understand this are their victims , and these people are never respectable enough for there accusations to warrant any public concern or investigation. I am a victim, not a former member. Because I make it no secret that I despise them, I was declared a “suppressive person” when I returned to Los Angeles in 1998. The people who tried to kill me were Mexican-scientologists, and they were terrified when my friend who’d been in Hawaii for several years answered my 3 am plea for help and came to get me. By this time I’d already been implanted with a device that enables them to track me, and subjected to various forms of torture including non-consensual sleep deprivation, poisoning my wine backstage in the Belly laugh greenroom at THE WORLD FAMOUS COMEDY STORE and eventually attempted murder. One of the people involved is a Mexican Scientologist named Carlos whose MYSPACE screen name is forgotten boy. (I talk about this person in the posting entitled NOT FORGOTTEN)Another conspirator is a man named Allan who lives at 5922 Carlton way in the Carlton Park Apartments in Hollywood, and yet another is a man named Vicente at 1600 Bronson. These are only the ones I know about right now. I suspect that another person named CRAIG M.C. AND *THE DELUSIONS OF ADEQUACY is involved. *2/4/07 this turned out to be much worse than I thought. Scroll down to the posting entitled “100 Percent sure” for the sordid details.) *2/5/07 One of the peole involved who may have the computer know-how to hack into my MYSPACE account and tamper with my blog is MYSPACE USER: “THEIF IN THE NIGHT.” I met him at the same party CARLOS attended in 1999.* explained in the posting titled “NOT FORGOTTEN” I heard through my chip that he was one of the original conspirators. .. THIS MAKES SENSE!!!!!! I WAS PLAYING AN ENGLISH BUTLER AT THIS PARTY AND WAS PLAYFULLY HANDED A TELE-PHONE DURING A HILARIOUS INEBRIATED RANT IN A RIDICULOUS AND CHARACITURED ENGLISH ACCENT, I SAID SOMETHING TO THE EFFECT OF : “AND YOU COME INTO MY COUNTRY WITH YOUR ETC.” It went on for awhile. Not only did I not realize that I was on the phone with THEIF IN THE NIGHT’s ex girlfriend’s brother who actually was an illegal immigrant- (who at a later point lured my friends and Carlos to a fly-by-night office in a strange building to see a “Presentation.” It was reported that Carlos said the word “No.” when asked what he thought of the presentation. Him saying “no” to make it look as though he didn’t agree with the experience was likely part of the presentation. I’ll say it again. This is Scientology. THIS-IS-WHAT-THEY-DO! They confuse and manipulate. That presentation was probably a Scientology drill. This may be the day they all became ass-holes. I wasn’t there. I was living in L.A. at the time. ) , -But at the time I was actually making fun of people who hate foreigners. At the time I was like every other liberal. You defend people who endure persecution.THEIF IN THE NIGHT’S ex girlfriend was seriously offended. I didn’t bother to apologize because I was used to being around people who understood my sense of humor as opposed to illegal immigrant Scientologists who are part of a conspiracy to overthrow the United States Of America. Now that I see how these “immigrants” treat people who say things they don’t like because they don’t understand what they’re actually saying, I agree with the Character portrayed in my ironic rant pertaining to the subject of illegal immigration in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We believe in freedom of speech. These good catholics tried to kill me. Hunter S.Thompson often described them as “good vicious catholics.” I can now say from experience that he was absolutely right, and that these same assholes probably figured out a way to kill him and make it look as though he commited scuicide. This is Scientology. THIS-IS-WHAT-THEY- DO. Perhaps the Mexicans were angry about the way Oscar Zeta Acosta was depicted in his most famous novel “Fear ANd Loathing In LAS VEGAS.”Perhaps he was killed because he was a Liberal who loved his country, and would’ve sounded the alarm when he felt it dissapearing. *2/5/07 Holy shit! I dressed as the Benicio Del Toro film version of the Brown Buffalo for a Halloween contest at Facter Direct, where I worked as a fundraiser. Facter Direct was full of Scientologists. I didn’t realize at the time how many there were. My neighbors probably didn’t like my Costume/According to what I’ve read, Oscar Zeta Acosta would be on my side if he knew that what I’ve been telling everyone is the truth. He wouldn’t want Mexican people to have anything to do with scientology. The individual in charge of Facter Direct during the time of my employment was named Ed.The Scientologists began organizing thier own meetings after work. I remember one of the Rosie Odonell’s screaming exitedly “Ed’s speaking tonight!” Good God. You’d think she was talking about IGGY at the EL-REY 1999.There are one or two people there that I really liked. I hope they are not Scientologists. Most people there were very hostile towards me.Megan, Teddy, and Mr.Clark were definately Scientologists. THIEF IN THE NIGHT’S myspace profile image is the back of his head. He’s from San Francisco. At one time or another he worked for Fleischman Field Research. This company may be linked to Scientology. They are a market reaearch company after all. The L.A. Police officers who responded to my call that night may not have been real police officers, and I eventually got a detectives number from them who I was supposed to call that Monday morning, but by then I was long gone and my computer was irreparably destroyed. This could happen to anyone. It must not ever happen to anyone ever again. Scientology must be stopped. They are a cult just like Heavens Gate, Jonestown, and the Manson Family. Manson’s technique for hypnosis and mind control may have been rooted in Scientology. Scientology’s body count is much higher than the Manson family’s and they have unlimited financial resources and a staggering number of front companies that masquerade as Human rights organizations among other things. I’m a funny guy, but this is something that must be taken seriously by everyone. They are not a religion. They are enemies of human kind. Scientology must be destroyed and the fact that they continue to thrive frightens me, because it makes me worry that they might have ties to our Government.* 2/5/07 Ive recently become a great deal more convinced about just how accurate that statement is. Scientology has breached our government. It is for this reason that I am opposed to the illegal domestic spying program being conducted by the Bush administration and the Presidents refusal to share the details of this program with congress. They have a right to know and so do we. This is our country. There was some mean old man on C-span today saying something or other about bloggers, whistle-blowing, and classified this-and-that, who described certain bloggers as crazy.Considering what Congress isn’t allowed to know these days, the people he’s referring to could very well be the victims of horrible atrocities that violate not only their constitutional rights, but their basic human rights as well if what happened to me is any indication. It just isn’t fair to assume that anyone is crazy unless you’ve read all seven of their postings and you know about the mermaids and the helicopter, then at least you’ve got an argument. But seriously……Carlos..you’re a sad peice of shit with an intellectual capacity of zero. The reason that your amused is that I unlike you, am a professional comedian.There’s an art to this sort of thing you see, and those of us who manage to achieve it often times have trouble being taken seriously by an over-populated culture of shit-monkeys who walk around all day with idiotic grins on their faces. That’s you…Carlos. “I Make people laugh! That’s what I do. I’m not a scientologist, I’m just a shit-monkey. This is a joke.” No monkey. It’s not a fuckin joke. Insane things happen everyday, and maybe the average person can’t wrap their minds around this sort of business, and maybe the average victim of the Mexican/scientologist terrorist plot is too marginal to end up anywhere but an institution, but I remember how afraid you assholes were when my friend showed up to help me. What were you so worried about? That I might actually remember what happened? That someone might realize that I’m telling the truth? They will eventually, because you’ll never stop me.You think the F.B.I. can afford to ignore the possibility of this threat being real? The answer is no. Contrary to popular opinion, this is still the United States of America, and individuals have rights. Maybe the “hardest working people in the world” should work on making their own country a better place to live. Why the hell are these assholes marching through the streets of America demanding rights from our government? Shouldn’t they be in Mexico demanding rights from the Mexican government? Yes! AMERICA belongs to the American people, and my generation watched President Clinton being sworn in when we were kids in High-school. Now that we’re entering our 30’s and are old enough to affect cultural, Social, governmental, and political change, we’re being robbed. The natural growth and evolution of America has been interrupted by a suddenly overwhelming population of illegal-immigrants who are marching the streets of our nation demanding their rights! This is not your fucking country! We are a kind and hospitable nation obviously, or you wouldn’t be able to get away with living here illegally. It’s beginning to feel like an invasion to me. I’m beginning to feel as though my nation is being occupied by Mexico. I’ve had it. This is my country that means this is my living room. When Mom and Dad get home (meaning when The Bush administration has left the Whitehouse) We need to tell them how our guests have behaved. We need to tell them to get out!If you support illegal immigration, you agree with George Bush. We all know better than to agree with Bush I hope. This guy’s not only too fuckin dumb to make anyone believe he’s actually in charge of anything, but his whole damn conspiracy was unraveled by a Hollywood Pothead. Let’s Impeach him and Cheney right away. Democrats and Republicans can agree on Colin Powell to take over until we sort this mess out right?Bush fired him. He’s a national Hero. If Bush wanted him out of Government, than we need to stick his ass right back in there. He can lead our Army when Mexico and Vengeful Iraqis attack us. Big no-no to that troop surge guys. Were gonna need some G.I.s around the farm come nightfall. You’ll have to forgive me for being “so vain I probably think the c-span broadcast was about me, don’t I?” But I am the victim of an unforgivable crime, which almost no-one else is capable of believing or understanding.My life would be nothing but fear and despair were it not for my determination to enjoy myself and my willingness to fight back with every drop of my liberal American blood. I’m quite certain that the Church of Scientology is responsible for what happened to me, and they are, but considering the nature of Black-Ops tactics and all the secrets being kept from the legislative branch of the United States Government, I can’t afford to rule out anyone else’s involvement. *obviously I’ve made more connections since the time I wrote this section. I also want to point out that it’s impossible to leak classified information when you’re just some civilian who isn’t privy to any classified information, and that most bloggers fit that description. I’ll bet that mean old coot on C-span would be a great deal more understanding if he dared to imagine the nightmare of having a fucking Implant *( a chip inside my body) and strange new friends who talk whenever you scratch your ass. I believe I have stumbled onto a national conspiracy involving the church of scientology and the Mexican revolutionary army, which is made up of illegal immigrants who are using scientology to take over the united states of America. Scientology is a terrorist organization. It is the most complicated and deadly threat the united states of America has ever faced. Information concerning what to look for can be found by reading the entire contents of this blog. I have been illegally and un-willingly implanted with a chip which allows Scientologists to track me anywhere on the globe. As an American citizen I am entitled to protection from this form of terrorism. The scientologists declared me a “suppressive person” The moment I arrived in Hollywood in 1998. I’ve made them very angry over the last eight and a half years in which I’ve lived with their constant surveillance. This is a punishment for those who are considered fair game. Someone believed that I was a “marginal” freak who fit the profile for the kind of person they target for torture, behavioral experimentation, poisoning, and various forms of abuse. I must prove to them that this was a horrible mistake. I was forced to live as a loner due to Scientology’s unwelcome and un-invited influence over my life, but I’m a freak that’s still too much a part of the waking world to be considered “marginal.” Therefore, I will not rest until the United States government recognizes the fact that Scientology is a terrorist organization and not a religion. They should be ordered to immediately cease and desist all operations. They should be charged with fraud and have their tax exempt status withdrawn accompanied by an order to pay all back taxes owed since the 1950’s until they are bankrupted out of existence.I am entitled to financial restitution and the legal right to use certain natural herbs that help me to cope with having a God damn chip in my head that was put there by a nasty cult of navy blue wearing shit-crackers. It’s blatantly obvious to everyone that I was brainwashed by the church of Scientology during my stay at my last three addresses in Hollywood and that myself and everyone in my life, including my friends and relatives have been brainwashed or psychologically coerced over a period of years to not do anything about it.What the crooked Pastor (scroll down for details) has done to effect my parents property by changing the landscape and killing the trees on our property, moving property markers, not to mention the time he erected a powerful street lamp and aimed it at our house is ridiculous and certainly not the work of any supreme being. He doesn’t hide the fact that he wants my parents land. They are working on us, by interfering with our work and our lives. They exhaust us and distract us with problems they create around us. This has taken a terrible toll on the lives of everyone I care about.There may be plants in my mother’s workplace. There may be plants in my friend’s social lives. We are unable to help ourselves so someone else must help us. Any organization created to help people in my situation is bought out by scientology and staffed with Scientologists. One such organization is the cult awareness network. If there is one organization that people must always be able to count on no matter how much mutual dislike and disrespect exists between its people and it’s administration, it’s the United States Government. Help us. Help us please….Someone help us! We are all in great danger and my mother insists that we’re safe. I can Identify Allan, Vicente, Carlos, and “Thief in the night” Scientologists often change their appearance but I would certainly know them.They are real. They are very powerful. They are a great deal more dangerous and malicious than the mafia and they have unlimited financial resources. Cost effectiveness is not an issue when it comes to inflicting means of torture. President Bush should bring our troops out of Iraq immediately and direct their attention, along with other government agencies to dealing with this very obvious terrorist threat that almost drove me away from my country. Something must be done or no one in the world will ever be safe. They are so unbelievably powerful that even Germany can’t stop them and neither could France. What about you America? I’m brainwashed not to do anything about this(*although I am gradually overcoming various layers of programing, brainwashing and conditioning.) and so are my parents and most of my relatives. I used to live in Hollywood at the Shangri Lodge on Tamarind and Franklin. I used to live in an apartment building at 1600 Bronson and another at 5922 Carlton way. 90028. There may be security video of people photographing me at the Hollywood/Vine subway station. I know I have an implant(a chip inside my body). They have been using it to create the impression of paranoid schizophrenia. *This chip is the reason that victims of Scientology believe that they are hearing thetans. Someone has to stand up to them and stop it once and for all. Even if you walk among them, you realize as I do that everything about your life is wrong and that you are being deprived of your right to live as an individual in the United States of America, and other countries terrorized by this horrible threat. If we are truly fighting a war on terror, I know a very good place to start looking. I’M AFRAID THAT CARLOS MIGHT COME HERE TO KILL US. HE IS A SCIENTOLOGIST. IT SAYS SO ON HIS MYSPACE PAGE. For more details continue to read this blog. It’s ALSO POSSIBLE THAT THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE “BELEIVE” CAMPAIGN IN BALTIMORE. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DON’T KNOW…IT’S A BUNCH OF SURVEILANCE CAMERAS, BLUE LIGHTS,AND MENACING ORWELLIAN SIGNS IN WHITE LETTERING THAT SAY “BELEIVE.” 2 fake scientology Police officers just followed me into a WALMART. I can spot these assholes a mile away. I know what the Harford county Police wear because I met one this week. The fake cops have dingy short-sleeve police uniforms and carry weapons that are probably real. Idiots with fake badges and real guns who are actually in our country are a great deal more frightening than Saddamn Houssein. Please. Let’s stand together as a nation, as a people and stop them. They want to hurt us. They are the terrorists. 1/27/07 My mother just got robbed at the same Wal-Mart a few hours ago today. Naturally she doesn’t think that this could possibly be the work of the Scientologists. They’re so God damned sensationalized that people can’t believe that they’re real. They are real. I don’t know that they had anything to with us but I think that they did. If that threatening phone call (scroll down to “NOT FORGOTTEN”) is accurate than I have even more reason to think so as well as a good reason for others to take notice and ask questions. The assailant had shaggy brown hair according to the Police. Police responded almost immediately and captured this person.Strangely, they recovered my mother’s purse but not her wallet. The people at Wal-Mart say this has been going on for a few weeks. They think there’s some kind of gang but they can’t figure out how they operate. They are a large group of people working together, but they are not a Gang. They are the Church of Scientology, and what they can do is very frightening considering how much time they put into setting people up for certain duties and supply large numbers of people who belong to a certain nationality. I read an article written by someone who pretended to be a German musician spending the night in the “Hotel” which is also a Scientology Celebrity Centre. He said that everyone he meant was German.I’ve seen black men who followed me around downtown Baltimore in this same parking lot about 50 or 60 miles east of Baltimore city. Harford county has a Black population, but these men did not live here. One of them pretended to brandish a gun once when I pulled into the parking lot, as he stood in front of my car. I thought they were just 2 assholes. On my way back home that evening I saw these men being arrested. That’s a good sign that Scientology doesn’t run the Harford County Police dept. I hope they don’t, but I’m sure they’d like to. A scientologist will deny being a Scientologist when accused of anything un-ethical or illegal, especially if the accuser has been targeted as a “suppressive person”. A “suppressive person” is considered by scientologists to be fair game. This means that they can be lied to, poisoned, framed, murdered etc. When I figured out that Allan fat-fuck (*scroll down) had been inside my apartment and poisoned my food he came running outside his own apartment, which proves my apartment was bugged and all he could say for himself was “I don’t know what you’re thinkin buddy” To which I replied “That didn’t even sound believable.” “No it didn’t.” I heard someone else say.I’m going to paste messages exchanged between myself and Carlos, the Mexican scientologist (possibly “non-staff”) who initiated this whole campaign against me as well as participated in the sleep depravation torture and other forms of harassment. Here is the message I sent to Carlos, who replaced his myspace profile image with the Bob’s big boy corporate mascot after I Identified him in my posting. The caption under this image in his pics section says “Me….Animated”:(this will make more sense if you first read the posting “Not Forgotten.”) YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL……..FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. I KNOW YOU’RE A FUCKING GANG MEMBER. I’VE NOTIFIED THE F.B.I. I KNOW THAT YOU’RE TRYING TO STEAL MY IDENTITY BUT YOU CAN’T YOU SAD DISGUSTING FUCK!, BECAUSE I’M AN INDIVIDUAL AND YOU’RE A PEICE OF SHIT THAT WAS DUMB ENOUGH AND DESPERATE ENOUGH TO JOIN THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY. YOU HAVE INJURED AND ENDANGERED MY CLOSE FRIENDS. YOU HAVE STOLEN MY LIFE. THERE IS OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE YOU ASSHOLE.YOU’VE EVEN GOT TATTOOS WITH WHICH YOU CAN BE IDENTIFIED. I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THIS IS SETTLED. YOU GOT THE HAT ALL WRONG BY THE WAY, AND I IMAGINE YOU’RE HAVING CONSIDERABLE TROUBLE WRITING A BRILLIANT NOVEL. KNOW WHY? BECAUSE YOU CAN’T ACTUALLY STEAL A PERSONALITY. NOT A REAL ONE. AND WHAT KIND OF ASSHOLE STANDS OUTSIDE AN APARTMENT BUILDING THROWING SHIT AT SOMEONE’S WINDOW? I WILL “MAKE IT STOP” FOREVER! SCIENTOLOGY IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION AND SOONER OR LATER IT WILL END….AND YOU….YOU SAD DESPERATE MISERABLE ASSHOLE ARE GOING TO JAIL FOR THE REST OF YOUR SAD LIFE, AND THAT’S NOT AN ANIMATED VERSION OF YOU, THAT’S A WHITE MAN YOU DELUDED TURD. Here is Carlos’s response. Note the reoccurrence of the word “Buddy”: nice sense of humor, buddy. i’m not a scientologist. its a joke, like this whole myspace thing. notice under my occupation, it says “funny”, cause thats what i do, make people laugh. you’re sadly mistaken. i too hate those fuckfaces on hollywood blvd. i have to deal with them everyday. trust me, i want to fbi to take them down just as much as you. Hope your doing well otherwise and all is forgiven on my part. carlos. Why whould this guy tell me I had a nice sense of humor? Why would he call me buddy? I just called him a deluded little turd. The answer to this as well as other questions is that these people are both Scientologists. Carlos and Allan know each other. Carlos and Vicente know each other. I am not an F.B.I. agent. I have no investigative resources, and unlike the church of scientology I do not have the means to keep people under surveilance or have them arrested for crimes they did not commit. Conspiracy to commit murder is a crime. Conducting behavioral experiments on un-witting subjects is a crime. Implanting someone with a chip is a crime and CARLOS, ALLAN, VICENTE and E.G.L. Properties are involved. Spread the word. Ask questions. Investigate. Open your eyes. It all becomes clear as day when you have the information and the ability to focus. It does require a lot of energy, especially when you yourself have been victimized, but damned if I’m going to let this stand. You’re going to jail Carlos. You’re going to jail for the rest of your life. * 2/4/07 They’re attacking my computer. Whenever I log onto Myspace my computer begins to receive infections. It reports them in a grey window that appears in the middle of the screen. I HAVE REASON TO SUSPECT THAT MYSPACE USER “THEIF IN THE NIGHT” HAS BEEN HACKING INTO MY ACCOUNT AND TAMPERING WITH MY BLOG. HIS MYSPACE PROFILE IMAGE IS THE BACK OF HIS HEAD, HE USED TO WORK FOR FLEISCHMAN FIELD RESEARCH* IN SAN FRANCISCO. HE CURRENTLY LIVES IN SAN FRANCISCO. HE’S A COMPUTER EXPERT. I HEARD FROM MY CHIP THAT HE WAS ONE OF THE ORIGINAL CONSPIRATORS. I BELIEVE THAT FLIESCHMAN FIELD RESEARCH IS LINKED TO SCIENTOLOGY. THEY HAVE TURNED TWO OF MY FRIENDS INTO SERIOUS ASSHOLES. I’VE HAD IT. WOULD THE FEDS PLEASE GO TO SAN FRANCISCO AND ARREST HIS STUPID ASS. I CAN DRAW HIS FACE. I HIT ON HIS EX-GIRLFRIEND AT A PARTY. SHE HATED ME. SHE’S ON MYSPACE TOO.HE AND CARLOS ARE BOTH ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WHO PROBABLY HAVE IDENTIFICATION THAT FALSELY IDENTIFIES THEM AS AMERICANS. CARLOS CLAIMS TO BE ONLY HALF MEXICAN. I’VE MET HIM…NO FUCKING WAY. WHAT’S THE OTHER HALF? IRISH ITALIAN?!! *FLEISCHMAN FEILD RESEARCH: I was videotaped and interviewed by this company or one of its clients when I took a paid survey about video games in thier Beal st. office in 1998 when I lived in SAN FRANCISCO. They have since relocated to Market street. If you’ve been brainwashed or conditioned involuntarily by Scientology, You won’t be able to realize this by yourself.That’s what brainwashing is. Your best friend who’s a scientologist won’t tell you he/she is a Scientologist.They are guaranteed to be people you’d never suspect. I’d say 10 years is a safe enough cut off point. Who’s come into your life in the last ten years, besides illegal immigrants and an illegal domestic spying program perpetrated by your own government which 9/11 is a commonly given excuse for? They killed those people on some September 11th, just to set this chain of events in motion. The KINGS HIGHWAY is a huge mistake in the making. It’s a highway meant to connect the United States with Mexico and Canada. They plan to run this fucker right through KANSAS CITY MISSOURI. You know what else they want to put in KANSAS CITY MISSOURI when they build this thing? MEXICAN GOVERNMENTAL OFFICIALS! Hell no! It’s not just that our administration is corrupt. It’s not just that our President is an idiot who can’t even play a smart person on television.Our Government has been breached. How else do you explain the shit cruise we’ve all been on since Monica Lewinski and maybe even sooner? Lets take a look at Linda Trip. Is she a Scientologist? *(Scientologists entered the white-house during the Clinton administration. Clinton wanted to please John Travolta who was portraying him in the film “Primary Colors”. Clinton fought for Scientologists “rights” in Germany. Germany is the only country that’s made any progress in the fight against Scientology. I know you had no idea what you were doing Bill, but this was the greatest mistake of the 20th century. He even named a member of his staff “Scientology point man”.) Back to Linda Tripp…. Can we link her to one of Scientology’s numerous front companies? I’m I the only person in America who hasn’t been brainwashed. Natural herbs overide conditioning. They don’t want you to have them. All Government personel and Law enforcment agencies should be administered Natural Herbs. *I’m not decribing a magic trick. You have to concentrate and you have to think. You need to have a lot of information. If you trust me, you can use the information on this blog as a guide. If you don’t trust me and why would you , besides everything I’m saying making perfect sense to anyone who isn’t brainwashed, you can do your own research. Posted by ZEK LIGHTNING at 2:17 AM 0 comments CROOKED PASTOR/ RED PICK UP TRUCK-MEXICAN/SCIENTOLOGISTS IN ABERDEEN Just a few things I want to have on public record. The day before yesterday I was pulled off of a hiking trail in Ellicott City Maryland by a Police officer who questioned and briefly detained me, but thankfully kept his hands off my balls. The day before that a police cruiser pulled onto the property next to ours about twenty minutes after I went outside to play some jazz. Today I was pulled over on Route 40 near my home by another Police officer, who I must admit did not appear to bear me any particular resentment, but did pull me over none the less. Just an hour ago I was exiting another hiking trail in Gunpowder state park, and damned if I didn’t find the crooked Pastor from the Church in front of my parents property waiting for me….in his RED PICK UP TRUCK( Christ what a dumb shit!) who followed me down route 1 as I left. One of the members of his congregation (he’s had five or six them by now) always Parks the back of his S.U.V. at the tip of our driveway so that his massive JESUS IS LORD STICKER hangs over my family’s home. The same Vehicle has another sticker that says ABERDEEN PROVING GROUNDS. This is a military town and I’m a black-clad,Black/Irish-Italian , agnostic, Guitar playing bohemian who believes in the legalization, regulation and taxation of marijuana. People are suffering needlessly. People are wasting their lives and living like idiots. There’s no reason for it. I don’t want to smoke Camel filters, I want to smoke the Ganja LA. It may even kill cancerous cells, why do the powers that be favor products that have been proven to kill as well as cause brain damage and or cancer over a substance that’s never killed or directly harmed anyone.? I’m not saying it’s the answer to everyone’s problems. I’m saying that it’s a wonderful, wonderful herb. It doesn’t even have to be smoked. If de-criminalized and regulated it could be processed and sold as vegetable dip.What’s the fucking problem here?!Isn’t it bad enough that Scientology is running programs on people and driving them to suicide all over the country and probably the world. Is it necessary to terrorize Willie Nelson and Tommy Chong, not to mention all the poor unknown people who share their preference, not to mention the people dying of cancer! Christ!? Bush shut down a medicinal Marijuana clinic in Los Angeles. California voted for medicinal Marijuana to be legal. These people were sick and dying!!! Just what the fuck is the problem here?? Is everyone a fucking idiot, or are the idiots just in charge? How does an idiot get to be in charge? The answer to that question is an infinite definition of the word “evil”. Back to the crooked pastor- What if this group of religious assholes is linked to or being manipulated by The Church Of scientology. (I elaborate on this theory in another posting. I know it’s far fetched but its a question I have to ask.) What happens when a group of sad and ignorant religious assholes have access to high tech surveillance equipment, which they are no doubt free to abuse the hell out of in W’s America? Probably a nightmare like just like this one. The fact is that in 2005 someone tortured me. Someone tapped my phone, poisoned my food and subjected me to sleep depravation torture. The folks in the emergency room and the friend who came to help me at 3:00 can attest to that. Even if you’re some brain-dead asshole that has an easier time believing that I’m a paranoid schizophrenic, this isundisputable. (They came after me again when I returned to Los Angeles in 2006. A Mexican knocked on my door and offered to clean my carpet after a strange conversation in which he also offered cable installation and a few other things I didn’t understand. He also asked strange questions and touched my chest at some point. I was un-characteristically personable because I thought he was a new neighbor satisfying his curiosity. He was fucking with me. I found out later that people who believe they’ve been implanted with chips claim that people are always showing up offering to clean their carpets. I don’t know the connection, but I do know what I’ve been through, and most of it’s here in this blog. I’ll include more things as I remember them, and as I figure out how best to explain them to people who may have trouble imagining that any of this could be true. It is,)The Church of scientology does use sleep deprivation, wire-tapping, surveillance, hypnosis and mind control….but so do lots other groups. Like the fraudulently elected President, or Crooked preachers with military personnel in their congregations. (This loser’s had at least four or five since we’ve been here.) Jesus Christ. People have no choice but to believe that I’m insane because things I now know to be true are much too frightening for anyone to bear. So be it. But just in case a group of religious assholes and unscrupulous military personnel are responsible for what I’ve already been through or planning anything new for me. I’ve got it all written down. I want to point out again what a dumb shit the crooked Pastor is. I saw his dumb ass in the same new BRIGHT RED PICK UP TRUCK he parks in front of our house every damn day. I’m halfway through the week and I’ve been under the gun of 3 cops who were surprisingly un-cruel to me. Okay….so I’m fairly certain these guys have cops on me, but who else. Have I been reported to the F.B.I. as a potential terrorist threat? That would explain the Helicopters that have ruined everyday of my life for the last 10 years and the sea of white vans that seems to swarm around me whenever I take to the road. (*Helicopters were probably supplied by the Mexican Army.) For good or ill I am an American with Grandfathers and uncles that served in wars and fought for rights and had there land stolen and their spirits crushed. Somehow I still got to be here, and I’m always going to be here. It isn’t right for me to have my entire life taken away from me without the people responsible paying the consequences. SINCE I POSTED THIS BLOG THE BRIGHT RED PICK UP TRUCK HAS BEEN ABSENT, THOUGH THE RED TOP REMAINS ON THE PASTOR’S PROPERTY. HE SEEMS TO BE IN SOME SORT OF TROUBLE. I BELEIVE I WAS MORE CORRECT THAN I ORIGINALLY ASSUMED. I THINK THAT THIS ENTIRE CONGRATION HAS BEEN WATCHING ME AND MY FAMILY FOR QUITE SOME TIME. THE CONNECTION BETWEEN THIS, THE MEXICANS AND SCIENTOLOGISTS IS ONLY A LOGICAL SUSPICION CONSIDERING WHAT I’VE EXPERIENCED DURING THESE LAST 2 YEARS. I just heard that the Pastor’s gone out of town for a while to visit relatives. I’d like to take this opportunity to call bull-shit on that. He isn’t VISITING a motherfucker. He’s running and hiding, and well he should. Getting this? 1/24/07 Pastor Shitley replaced the bright red pick-up truck (which undoubtedly showed up on the surveillance footage of Belair road the day of the incident) with another red pick-up truck some time ago. This new truck has a different top which is currently attached. The top to the original truck is still outside beside our driveway. Damn shame. His other truck was much nicer. It must’ve cost a half a years worth of collection plates. These assholes are still following me and calling police whenever I leave the house in the hopes of catching me in the act of committing a crime. They also have people in the parking lot at all sorts of odd hours watching our home. Amateur spying is a crime I believe. So is fraud. I don’t think this is really even a Christian Church. I don’t believe in organized religion, but even Christian’s behave better than these shit-crackers. It may seem far fetched(it isn’t. This Scientology. This-is-what-they-do.) to imagine that the Church of Scientology moved into this area almost a decade ago, and brainwashed the Pastor who in turn brainwashed members of his many congregations, but these people are behaving very similarly to the Mexicans/Scientologists in Los Angeles, only they don’t have keys to my home. (not that I know of anyway) Also, the Hostile Mexicans who appeared very suddenly in this neighborhood seem to have left our street since I posted the Blog called “NOT FORGOTTEN.” They may be hiding. Hopefully someone figured out what they were up to and made them leave. If this is true, then there’s at least one other person alive who can prove that I’m no crack-pot. I’ll bet pastor Shitley knows where they are.This is one of many reasons that comic book culture is superior to organized religion. I’m sick of these ass-holes. Isn’t there a civic organization of some kind that can crawl up their asses? Hope they’re ready for judgment day. Galactus is coming. 2/4/07 *Theres a strange SUV with tinted windows in the crooked Pastors church parking lot. It’s parked behind a tree and faces our house.It’s not one of the crooked Pastors many vehicles, and its been there for several days. Several times during the night I hear its doors open and close, and as I passed it coming back from breakfast this moring, I could make out a sillhouette inside. I’d like to believe that these are feds protecting me. I can’t afford to belive that. I hope so. We need to wrap this up. I’ve lost 10 years and I want my life back. 2/5/07* They must really be afraid of Galactus. Since I posted this one I haven’t seen the crooked pastor or any of his many vehicles. Posted by ZEK LIGHTNING at 2:11 AM 0 comments I’m 100 percent sure…… -that the People who tried to kill me and ran me out of Los Angeles twice in one year are Scientologists. The Church of Scientology pays an obsessive amount of attention to outside observers. Anyone ever catch themselves being filmed by them with some sort of camera? Anyone out there been living near one of their celebrity Centers for a while? There are many cases in Germany of real estate companies owned by Scientologists abusing and torturing their tenants in ways very similar to the way in which I was harassed. Germany has declared an Alert and has been struggling in the court system for years. It’s Common Knowledge that Bill Clinton defended them (in Germany) only to influence John Travolta’s depiction of him in the film Primary colors. I Beleive that the real estate company “E.G.L.PROPERTIES” , who owned my apartment building, both of them, both of the Buildings I was forced to Leave, are Scientologists. The first one was Carlton Park Apartments 5922 Carlton way 90028, The second one is on Lexington just above Santa Monica Blvd 3 Blocks east or west of Van Ness, Somewhere in the 5600s on the right side of the street heading east. I want to make it clear that my life has been permanently damaged by my experience this year, along with my mind. I’m also pretty sure that the Church of Scientology is Manipulating, Employing, Housing, torturing, abusing, and doing God knows what to thousands if not millions of Illegal Immigrants throughout Southern California. I began to feel recently that I was being bombarded with Aural signals and panic after I sent an E-mail to E.G.L. PROPERTIES in which I informed them of my suspicion. Weather this is the result of some sort of conditioning or brainwashing done to me during my tenancy at 5922 Carlton way Apartment #207 where my bed was just below a window on a public Balcony that was always filled with people standing around for unexplained reasons, or if there actually is some kind of chip in my head or all of the above is the enigma. (since writing this I’ve become more certain that I was implanted with a chip. When I returned to L.A. in 2006, the Scientologists were waiting at the Marina when I moved in. They could follow me anywhere. The chip would explain how they were able to track me, not to mention the snatches of conversation I sometimes “pick up” One bit of conversation stated that David Miscavige has a contract out on my life. I have no choice but to act as if these words are true.) I didn’t create this urban legend during my flight from L.A. I found out recently that there’s a name for people who believe they’ve been implanted with chips. I.M.P.s or Implanted mind people. There’s a father and son from California who were Russian immigrants, The son was implanted first, and then the father, According to their story this was done to them because the CIA suspected them of being K.G.B. spies. Another such individual was a man in San Francisco arrested for trying to buy Drugs, who believed that this was done to him in an attempt to control the Drug trade. It’s easy for me to get confused about things in a post 911 America where everyone knows that the President’s spying on them, weather or not they’ve managed to anger and offend a dangerous cult that gets away with murder, and I mean this literally folks, because they seem so damn silly that most people could care less about them. You’d care a lot if you’d been with me in my apartment that night in September when I pounded on the glass and screamed at the top of my lungs, or if you’d seen the man I saw in 2000 outside The Tamarind Ave. Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre, A man in a white T-shirt who was obviously suffering from several weeks of sleep depravation, crying, screaming at the top of lungs, as he brandished a red brick in his right hand, trying to defend himself against 4 scientologist security guards who surrounded him. Cassidy was among them. He was trying to get away and they wouldn’t let him. It seemed so normal to me that I did absolutely nothing about it. I don’t remember whether or not this happened before or after they found tenants dead body a few doors down from mine in my sleeper-unit at the Shangri-lodge. I’m pretty sure this was 1999 but it might have been 2000. My friend’s brother was kissing Beck’s* ass for awhile. I consider this to be extremely relevant because this same brother said “They got him.” when his sister mentioned how she hadn’t seen me in a while. When she asked what he meant, he answered “Scientologists.”(this was a couple of years ago) *Beck is an Assinine Scientologist musician It may be worth mentioning (and I sure hope it isn’t) that I once hit on his younger sister and on another occasion sent an angry e-mail to his older sister after we had a personal falling out. People can get pretty angry, especially when they have access to private conversations and e-mails. Beck is a scientologist. If her brother has had any dealings with BECK, and he has, than I’m pretty sure he’s had dealings with Scientologists. Since Scientology is all about mind control and power, he may have been deeply affected by them without even noticing. I know for a fact that he once had a roommate who was a Scientologist. This guy told me that L.Ron Hubbard had “done so many great things for the world” and tried to get me to read a new age self-help book that must’ve been published after Hubbard’s death, because I don’t remember seeing his name on it. I’m pretty sure that this “Brother” is the real life inspiration for “Silas” on the Showtime series “Weeds.” The relationship between him and sister who may have inspired Mary Louise Parker’s character was simply changed from brother and sister to mother and son. I’ll go you one better. In 2002 or 2003 I received an absurdly unflattering review of my “Album Mirrors to Heaven and Back Again.” I defend my work elsewhere in these postings, that’s not the point. The review came from something called DELUSIONS OF ADEQUACY reviews. This review has been up for a long time and has changed repeatedly over the years despite the fact that the C.D. was released so long ago. The first version of this review would make it too obvious that it came from the scientologists. It accused me of being on crack when if anything the album needed some crack to help me work despite the sleep depravation I was enduring. I sound like I can barely stand up, yet I managed to record that music. Anyway, this review was strange, inaccurate, and mean spirited. My friend, who was possibly the basis for “Nancy Botwin” of “WEEDS” has a new friend. His name is CRAIG MC and the DELUSIONS OF ADEQUACY. He seems to be staring me down from his profile image. The Scientologists are very angry with me right now and rightly so. They want to relax but they can’t get rid of me and everything seems to backfire. *2/4/07 This situation is worse than I thought. He’s not only a close friend of “Nancy”s, but she considers him part of her family. He’s also dating “Nancy”s younger sister, who I fell embarasingly in love with around the time of her wedding. If this DELUSIONS OF ADEQUACY is the author of this strange review I recieved in 2002, and he has to be, than this would all be an extraordinary coincidence unless of course I’m absolutley right. The only thing extraordinary at work here is how disgusting Scientology is. The silliness and idiocy are a part of its veneer. These things I’ve been telling you are the reasons for secrecy and mystique. The facts are not as romantic as the mystique, but in this case they happen to be just as extraordinary. I remember the name Craig appearing on an early version of this review. “Nancy Botwin”s brother “silas” is in a band with this person. I can’t prove anything of course, but I can see a Polaroid developing. I’m going to shake the hell out of it. My friend didn’t think anything of her brother’s comments, obviously, since she mentioned it to me. No one ever does. That’s how they get away with this shit! Is anyone friends with a fucking detective, Does anyone’s uncle work for the office of homeland security, and would somebody with respectability and a voice that matters worth a damn in this world please look into this shit! Good God, Just imagine how tragic it would be for me to be right about everything while the world ignored me. I figured out what was being done to me, and the people doing it tried to kill me. Everyone in that fucking building 5922 Carlton Way knows that Alan broke into my apartment and tried to poison me. It’s a fucking fact. Does anyone know Alan? Does anyone Know anyone that lives there? Does anyone know anyone that lives in a building owned by E.G.L. Properties, they’ve got a dozen different names, but if you live in Hollywood, Look for the signs, Do your neighbors ever go to work? Do you come home to find that two locks on the front door are locked when you only locked one? It’s possible that you’re being fucked with as I’ve been fucked with. Typically cults and sects and any kind of fucked up organization that hypnotizes, Brainwashes, or “Coerces” people doesn’t run the same program on more than one person to prevent camaraderie among targets. I’ve visited sights run by other so called I.M.P.’s and these are very disturbing people. I think there’s a good reason they’re too disturbed to make sense to anyone. One individual I ran across has been talking to Jesus to cope with the voices in head. Let’s say this guy was telling the truth about being implanted. Who’d believe him? Not me, and I was screaming about Scientologists putting a chip in my head all the way to the emergency room. I didn’t calm down till I had them X-ray me to prove there was nothing there. I never saw the x-ray, I’m afraid to ask for it now. I had never heard of I.M.P.s. How the hell did I go so very suddenly from being an eccentric but loveable Art-school drop-out/Hollywood Pot-head to having anything in common with this group? I recognize all of these things. I remember everything that ever happens to me. Scientology: You’ve messed with the wrong person. DO you understand?! You’re going to have to fucking kill me! I’ll never give this up. I’ll never forget. Someday someone who isn’t Ethnic, unusual, or immediately dismissed as an insane person by friends, family, Authorities, or anyone will prompt an investigation. The world will find out what you’ve done to me. I will have justice. You know I’m coming back to L.A. Right, You gonna be waiting for me at a fucking Tommy Burger? You gonna arrange an Accident in front of me and have a Cop find meth emphatamine you intend to plant somewhere? Fuck you! This is what happens all the time. Truth is stranger than fiction. That’s a well known cliché. Sometimes truth is even stranger than bad fiction. Sometimes reality is mind-blowing. I’ll say it Again, Talk to Alan. If you want a description of the fat fuck read the rest of my postings. For Christ’s sake would somebody, would one person please wake the fuck up and recognize the terrible things that happen around you. Ask questions. Think. Struggle to think. Fight the current that prompts you to do otherwise. It’s strong. This is still America. No one has the right to do what was done to me at Carlton Park APARTMENTS at 5922 CARLTON WAY by the church of scientology. If anything happens to me, the people who read this blog had better believe it was no accident, it was no suicide, it was no coincidence. These people tried to kill me. They’ve run me out of L.A. twice. I’m going back to L.A. Because it had truly become my home, and no one’s going to take that from me while I’m Alive. L.Ron HUBBARD was a failed sci-fi writer who also happened to be impotent. If you’re impotent the least you could do would be to create brilliant science fiction. This guy was just shit. His books are all shit. His followers are idiots who’ve allowed themselves to become brainwashed and owned. That’s right…JENNA ELFMAN is a fucking idiot. Kirstie Alley is gone. Janeane Garofalo is gone. The celebrity Camel people are more ignorant about scientology than anyone on the outside. The church has complete control over everything that they are allowed to know as well as everything they believe and understand. Maybe they figure it out eventually but by that point their minds are camel property. Anyone ever talked to Beck? He doesn’t have much to say does he? I’ve always hated that asshole. Tom Cruise was getting hard for them to control, but they’ve taken care of that shit haven’t they. Does no one wonder why the President does nothing about this? Why hasn’t the F.B.I or the C.I.A done anything about this? These bastards have files on Ice-T but they allow this shit to go on. Putting up with the Mafia is one thing, but the American people do not deserve to have their lives affected by the workings of this sickness in anyway. SHUT DOWN SCIENTOLOGY. FIGHT SCIENTOLOGY. CHALLENGE SCIENTOLOGY. QUESTION SCIENTOLOGY. Forget the damn celebrities and take a good hard look. I miss Sinatra Posted by ZEK LIGHTNING at 2:02 AM 0 comments NOT FORGOTTEN I suddenly remembered a brief encounter from 2000/2001. I was in my apartment at 1600 Bronson. I heard the noise of tiny objects being thrown at my window. I looked outside. A very thin Hispanic male in a white tank top with a shaven head, glasses and a moustache was standing outside smiling and hoping to start a friendly conversation with me. I’m a very private person and was certainly in no mood to be bothered by some stranger throwing things at my window. (he had met me years ago at a party in frisco. He seemed like a nice enough guy but I had forgotten all about him. Hence his screen name. This was his attempt to enter my world the same way he and others entered the lives of my friends in the Bay area and elsewhere. This is not bizzare and I’m not paranoid. This is Scientology. This-is-what-they-do. This is why they are dangerous.) He asked a few questions about the manager that I couldn’t answer and then another question I didn’t quite understand, to which I rudely answered “No! This is my apartment!” At which point the young man stormed off yelling “He don’t like Mexicans!” (not true) I soon began to feel hounded and harassed by everyone in the neighborhood, until I eventually had no choice but to assume they were all a bunch of miserable assholes. Is this where my troubles began? Does this young man know exactly what happened to me a block away at Carlton Park Apartments in 2005 and again at a building owned by the same company on Lexington Ave. in 2006? I’m just some insane conspiracy theorist but I have to wonder. I wonder how that guy would look without the moustache, the glasses and all of his hair grown back. I wonder if this guys down with Vicente the meatball thief.* *(Vicente is an illegal immigrant who kept a key to my apartment whenhe lost his job as an apartment manager. He was drunk and shirtless when I met him. I don’t hold that against him, but he was the first Mexican I ever noticed following me around. No sooner had I moved into the apartment building, he was pressuring me to get him a job. He followed me to the store I worked in and cornered me on the sales floor. I had no Idea who the hell he was. I only got to know who he was because of repeated run ins such as this one. On another such occasion, he corneren me at the mailbox demanding to know where I worked, in spanish no less. I wouldn’t tell him.) I wonder if this guy’s part of “THE MEXICAN REVOLUTIONARY ARMY.” Is that what all those people meant when they yelled “He has no Idea what he’s uncovered?” They kept saying “He gone blow the whistle on scientology!” Was that intended to confuse me or were they all that stupid. Is there a link between the Church of Scientology and The MEXICAN REVOLUTIONARY ARMY? It’s a small neighborhood. Did an entire neighborhood GANG*(Carlos is a gang member.) up on me because some asshole went around telling everyone I hated Mexicans? I think I could probably guess this guys name if I had to. I think it starts with a C…..CARLOS!…That’s it! What a FORGOTTEN BOY! *His MYSPACE SCREEN NAME IS FORGOTTEN BOY I don’t know the extent of your involvement Holmes, but you know something and I remember everything. Especially the fact that whoever poisoned me and tortured me with sleep deprivation tried to kill me and destroyed my life. Some of my close friends don’t seem quite like themselves these days, and the first thing I said to “Superman” when he came to rescue me was “These people were trying to brainwash me!” Come to think of it, There have been lots of hostile Mexicans in Aberdeen lately. Were those folks at cactus willies part of your GANG? Just how big is your Army? I hope I didn’t just blow your whole damn shit. You want to explain yourself Holmes, or should I just go ahead and email my concerns to the CITY OF LOS ANGELES OFFICE OF THE MAYOR? Remember the Mexican Rockabilly revolution that began in 2001? That was Mexico’s attempt to marry themselves to American cultural history. They literally ripped off Elvis’s hair and wore it on their own heads like toupees. They were young Mexicans in the 2000’s imitating white people from the fifties who were imitating black people. That goes for Elvis, Jerry-Lee-Lewis, Bill Clinton, Buddy Holly. Rock-a-billy is an American Art form. It didn’t come from Mexico, and these people did not come from America. Rock-n-roll is still the blues. The blues and Jazz are American art forms that were created by Black Americans, who had to overcome slavery by the way. The Mexicans stole these things from white America with no respect and no regard for the actual history. Their recent history is not real history. It’s an ignorant cartoon recreation of our own history. It’s a program. It’s all one big program. That’s why Carlos wants us to think he’s the Bob’s Big Boy. This is why he claims to be half Mexican. If I see pictures of his Caucasian father or mother, if yours truly is in fact the model, I will laugh my ass off. It’s bullshit. This is an attack on American soil. We are being invaded. We are under attack. This is Scientology. This-is-what-they-do! I’ve had enough of this bullshit. I want my government back. I want my country back. I want my friends back. I want my women back. I want my life back, and you shit-monkeys owe me a decade plus interest. Get out! Get the fuck out of my country right now! 1/24/07 I received what may have been a threatening phone call this morning from (323)-296-3362. I’ll admit that the message was slurry, so I’m only 98% sure that what I heard was “You’re going to war with me now……There’s blood.” in a Mexican accent. If I drew any blood by typing this Blog, than I drew blood that would have otherwise been my own. I didn’t ask for any blood, but: KISS MY ASS. THAT BIG-EARRED VENTRILOQUIST DUMMY (YOU SHITS ENGINEERED?) TO SIT IN THE WHITE-HOUSE AND WAGE WAR IN IRAQ WHILE YOU INVADE THE UNITED STATES AND BRAINWASH ITS CITIZENS UNTIL YOU’VE MADE THE COUNTRY A GLOBALIST CONCENTRATION CAMP FOR ANYONE SHOWING SIGNS OF INDIVIDUALITY WILL NOT BE IN OFFICE MUCH LONGER. YOU ARE AN ARMY OF RELIGIOUS FASCISTS MASQUERADING AS AN OPPRESSED MINORITY AT THE EXPENSE OF AMERICA’S WELL-BEING. YOU BROKE INTO MY APARTMENT, TORTURED ME, POISONED MY FOOD, DESTROYED MY LIFE AND TRIED TO KILL ME. YOU THRIVE ON THE BLOOD OF A WOUNDED NATION. YOU FIRED A GOD-DAMN CHIP INTO MY BODY!!! THIS IS THE VERY THREAT THAT IMMIGRATION LAWS WERE DESIGNED TO PROTECT US FROM. THESE ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS. AN IMMIGRANT IS SOMEONE WHO CROSSES AN OCEAN MAYBE, LEARNS A LANGUAGE, STANDS IN LINE, FILLS OUT FORMS, READS A FEW DOCUMENTS, AND EVENTUALLY TAKES A CITIZENSHIP TEST. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT IMMIGRANTS. THESE ARE MEXICANS WHO SNUCK ACROSS THE BORDER BY THE MILLIONS DURING THE LAST 20 YEARS AND DECIDED THAT THIS IS THEIR COUNTRY. FROM MY EXPERIENCE THEY HAVE NO INTEREST IN OR CONCEPT OF AMERICAN CIVILZATION. THEIR PLAN IS TO MOVE IN, OVER-POPULATE AND DRIVE US AWAY UNTIL WE, UNTIL AMERICA, IS GONE. I’M A LIBERAL FROM THE P.E. AND ANTHRAXX GENERATION. I WOULD MUCH RATHER BITCH ABOUT MY COUNTRY AND CRITISCIZE ITS HYPOCRACIES THAN DEFEND IT WITH WORDS THAT SOUND AS HATEFUL AS THOSE OF A NAZI-TELE-VANGELIST. I WOULD RATHER DEFEND MEXICAN-AMERICANS FROM BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST BECAUSE OF THEIR NATIONALITY BY THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT THAN FIGHT THIS INVASION. IT’S MY COUNTRY AND I HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO EITHER. I’M PROUD OF THAT. I’M GRATEFUL FOR THAT RIGHT. I DON’T WAN’T ANYONE’S BLOOD. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY AND TAKE THE “STAFF” SCIENTOLOGISTS WITH YOU SHIT-MONKEY! DON’T EVER THREATEN ME AGAIN. If the call turns out to be from a harmless Tamale vendor with a wrong number, I apologize. 2/1/07 when I lived at the Shangri Lodge I had a copy of the Iggy and the Stooges album: Raw Power. I listened to “Search and Destroy” everyday while I excorcised and fought the sickness around me. Forgotten boy comes from the lyrics of this song, which is very popular mind you, but none the less. 2/1/07 I also accused Carlos of trying to steal my personality. What I mean is that these Mexican/scientologist/Globalists have been studying me and imitating me so that they can enter the lives of my friends, and ultimately replace me. My crew has been tight since 1990. It would take a lot to break us apart like this. It would have to be done over a period of years, and that’s exactly what they’ve been trying to do. I’ll tell you something else. Ours is not an isolated incident. I don’t how many targets exist or how many targets survive, but these bastards are everywhere. Not all of them are mexican. They have surrounded all of my freinds except “Bronston Pinchot” who is such a recluse that they can’t get near him. He beieves me. * El-VEZ was a hero to most but he never meant shit to me, cause he’s part of a plot to destroy us whatever he says. Motherfuck him and George Lopez! Posted by ZEK LIGHTNING at 1:52 AM 0 comments SCIENTOLOGISTS IMPERSONATE FEDERAL AGENTS SCIENTOLOGISTS SOMETIMES IMPERSONATE FEDERAL AGENTS AND POLICE. I SUSPECT THAT THEY’VE BEEN DOING THIS SORT OF THING IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD FOR QUITE SOME TIME. I BELEIVE THAT THEY HAVE ENTERED MY FAMILY’S HOME ON ONE OCCASION WHEN I WAS IN CALIFORNIA. THEY CAN BEAT THE HELL OUT OF ME ALL THEY WAN’T BUT THEY’VE TAKEN YEARS OFF THE LIFESPAN OF MY UNBELIVABLE SAINT OF A MOTHER WITH ALL THE STRESS THEY’VE INFLICTED. I’M SAYING THIS NOW. THERE GOING TO TRY SOMETHING.) I just walked outside (it’s nighttime) and noticed a tiny red light dot within 2 or 3 hundred feet on the left and right sides of our property, on the left side oddly, the tiny red light dot is visible through an area where lots and lots of Trees were cut down for no reason. Phone rang a couple of hours ago. No one on the line. Star 69 callback #1 201 242 3771 1/25/07 I mention elsewhere in this Blog that I believe that I have been implanted with a chip that enables scientologists (in my case they were) not only to track me anywhere on the globe, but to fire sound directly into my brain and even read my thoughts to a certain degree my gauging my reactions to certain words or experiences. This is why victims of scientology believe that their bodies are inhabited by thetans. They are bombarded with voices transmitted directly into their skulls. These people usually kill themselves when they reach their breaking point. Scientology has been pushing me to my breaking point for many years. I believe that my suicide attempt at the Shangri lodge was brought about by scientologists who put me into a trance whenever I went to sleep and did whatever they wanted to me. The very private neighbor who ended up dead (referenced elsewhere in these postings) was probably victimized by the same practice. There were Police on the scene when the body finally stank so much that one of the niacin advocating scientologists around me called the police. They may have been scientologists or Police owned by scientology. This is something that could be confirmed. Sooner or later the world will see that I’ve been telling the truth. When I talk about the President, Globalization, or whatever connection my ordeal may have to a larger movement is speculative, but when I talk about what happened to me and who was responsible, I’m telling the facts. I speculate because the people who did this to me were worried. I speculate because I know that there is such a connection to such a movement. It’s possible that Scientology itself is just a front for something larger and more sinister. They believe that satan is the real hero of the bible story and that he must destroy Christ. The Mexicans haven’t reached this OT LEVEL yet, so they don’t realize that by the time they receive that information they won’t be such good catholics anymore. One of the

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